Nicolas Burr to succeed Peter Ganz as CFO of Hapag-Lloyd

Hapag-Lloyd has announced that Peter Ganz will step down from his position as Chief Financial Officer. The company has selected Nicolas Burr as his successor. The background for this change is an agreement between shareholders stipulating that CSAV, as the new largest shareholder in Hapag-Lloyd, has the right to nominate an individual of its choice to assume the position of Chief Financial Officer.

“We owe Peter Ganz a great debt of gratitude – in a situation that has not been easy for him – not only for seeing the merger of Hapag-Lloyd and CSAV through to the closing, but also for being willing to complete the annual financial statements,” said Michael Behrendt, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Hapag-Lloyd AG.

He went on, “During his six-year tenure as Chief Financial Officer, Peter Ganz made a decisive contribution to securing and strengthening Hapag-Lloyd’s future viability and competitiveness. Particularly during the financial and shipping crisis of 2009, Peter Ganz initially played a crucial role in the restructuring and refinancing of Hapag-Lloyd. Thereafter, he laid the groundwork for gaining access to capital markets and ensuring that Hapag-Lloyd had the financing it needed for growth. Furthermore, with great personal dedication, he contributed significantly to the successful merger of Hapag-Lloyd and CSAV.”

Ganz’s successor, Nicolas Burr, is a native of Chile and was the Chief Financial Officer of CSAV from 2012 to 2015, based in Santiago de Chile. “With Nicolas Burr we have been able to obtain an outstanding leader for Hapag-Lloyd. The Supervisory Board is convinced that the Executive Board is superbly positioned to jointly tackle the range of challenges facing Hapag-Lloyd,” said Michael Behrendt.