SEKO Logistics wins Jaguar Land Rover global priority parts returns contract

Jaguar Land Rover, an automotive manufacturer, has awarded SEKO Logistics a contract to automate its global priority warranty parts returns service. The new supply chain service provided by SEKO is expected to offer full visibility from pre-shipment to delivery and is designed to produce cost savings and service efficiencies.

Priority Parts Returns Request is a critical process for Jaguar Land Rover in the early identification and resolution of any functional anomalies. Any such parts need to be returned in a controlled manner to be analysed as quickly as possible to maximise customer satisfaction and drive down warranty costs.

The multi-year contract awarded to SEKO Logistics covers shipments from Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in the UK, Europe, the US and the rest of the world, including Canada, Brazil, the UAE, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Returned products can range from engines to windscreen wiper blades and can be shipped to the original suppliers or back to one of Jaguar Land Rover’s UK returns centres.

Under the terms of the contract, SEKO Logistics is responsible for organising all transportation of priority parts returns from Jaguar Land Rover’s global dealerships to the UK, the management of all imports and customs processes upon entry to the UK to avoid any delays, and the provision of end-to-end shipment visibility and tracking to enable Jaguar Land Rover’s engineers to monitor the return of items recovered for inspection. SEKO has also developed and handles various categories of return including priority, super priority and hazardous shipments.

Keith Gaskin, Director of SEKO Logistics in the UK said, “Jaguar Land Rover’s service and visibility requirements were very precise and we were able to demonstrate similar solutions we already provide for customers in other industry sectors. Our online tracking tool was particularly important to Jaguar Land Rover to give their engineers the ability to monitor returns of priority parts and to schedule their work accordingly. Jaguar Land Rover also recognised the value of our strong KPI/reporting and our proactive approach to account management. Together, we have already been able to put in place a number of business efficiencies, including a responsiveness league table to manage how Jaguar Land Rover’s dealerships perform when called upon to return parts for assessment to the UK.”