Pantos Logistics signs MOU with Chinese e-commerce company 4PX

Pantos Logistics announced that it signed an MOU with the e-commerce logistics company 4PX in an effort to expand its international e-commerce logistics business. 4PX is primarily based in China and runs e-commerce logistics for clients including eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba. Singapore Post holds a 40% equity share in the company.

Under the MOU, the two companies will build their competitiveness in handling e-commerce related cargo through the development of new transportation routes linking China and South Korea. The companies will also conduct joint marketing to attract cargo containing goods purchased by Koreans from major Chinese shopping malls like AliExpress through overseas direct purchase.

Pantos Logistics also plans to expand its logistics destinations including Europe and US by utilizing the joint overseas network of the two companies. Further it has stated its intentions to strengthen its 3PL business geared toward e-commerce companies worldwide through its overseas logistics centres.