Pilot Freight Services opens Pilot de Mexico with new station in Mexico City

Pilot Freight Services announced that it has expanded its operations to Mexico. It is conducting business in the country as Pilot de Mexico.

The first station under the Pilot de Mexico brand, located in Mexico City, is a full-service operation serving Pilot customers’ transportation and logistics needs within the city and the interior states of Mexico. The station offers operational and administrative support, warehousing and logistics services, and access to northbound, southbound and intra-Mexico ground and air transportation. In addition to these services, Pilot de Mexico has a sales presence in the market.

“For Pilot, Mexico is a market with tremendous growth and potential. Its economy is the 11th largest in the world, so it was a natural step in our continued growth,” said Richard Phillips, CEO of Pilot Freight Services. “The country has been one of the US’s best trading partners for years, and to have a Pilot presence will only make our relationships with Pilot customers in Mexico stronger.”