NZ Post combines letter and parcel deliveries and launches eco-vehicles

New Zealand Post has announced the arrival of new eco delivery vehicles to its fleet in New Plymouth and its intention to combine the delivery of letters and parcels to residential addresses. New Zealand Post will also soon be testing new services with some customers sending and receiving parcels in Taranaki.

“Customers are buying goods online in numbers we’ve never seen before and our parcels business is growing,” said Ashley Smout, Customer Service Delivery Chief Operating Officer for New Zealand Post.

“We want to give customers more choice about where and when they get their parcels,” said Smout. “The new technology we’re developing will help avoid the disappointment of a missed delivery, as customers will be able to tell us in advance what they want us to do with their parcels. We’ll test the new services with selected customers over the coming months.”

Smout also stated that New Zealand Post is making a significant investment by introducing the new eco-vehicles in New Plymouth. “These three and four wheeled vehicles will be used for combined parcel and mail delivery in residential areas,” he said. “We’ve tested them before in other areas and we’re now starting a full, operational pilot here in New Plymouth that will help us make decisions on a nationwide rollout.”