C.H. Robinson introduces Freightview TMS

C.H. Robinson has introduced Freightview, a cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) software platform designed to streamline quoting, booking, tracking, and reporting for freight transport.

Freightview was created to provide a communication tool to businesses which use multiple less than truckload (LTL) transportation service providers. C.H. Robinson claims that these businesses, despite producing almost half of the US private nonfarm GDP, typically ship freight using a manual, inefficient, labour-intensive process that ties up internal resources for hours each day.

C.H. Robinson states that when a shipper adopts Freightview as their TMS platform, they maintain direct relationships with their LTL providers while being able to compare shipment cost, transit time, and service level; eliminating the need to repeatedly log into multiple LTL carrier websites.

“Many shippers are growing quickly, but managing freight is slowing them down. We built Freightview so small and midsized business can be more competitive in today’s marketplace,” said Jason Roberts, co-founder of Freightview. “Freightview redefines a business’s relationship with shipping as employees ship freight in a fraction of the time and managers gain control and visibility of shipping operations.”