Freightways announces air freight fleet upgrade

Freightways has announced a fleet upgrade for its air freight service to help its express package business meet growing demand.

To implement the upgrade Fieldair Holdings Limited, Freightways’ subsidiary, will form a joint venture company with Airwork Holdings Limited that will operate three Boeing 737-400 freighter aircraft, replacing the current five Convair freighter aircraft operation. Airwork Holdings Limited will lease the three 737-400 freighter aircraft to the joint venture company.

Fieldair Holdings Limited currently operates the existing Freightways air freight business daily between Christchurch, Palmerston North and Auckland in New Zealand. The transition to the new aircraft will start in early 2016.

Freightways’ Managing Director, Dean Bracewell, stated that as express package volumes have grown, demand for earlier positioning of freight through the airport hubs has increased, and to sustain the current and the expected new levels of freight required by customers, Freightways has for some time been exploring alternative aircraft.

He said, “This new air freight service will provide increased air freight carrying capacity, faster sector speeds, savings in annual capital and operating costs and reduced carbon emissions per item of freight carried. In addition, the new fleet will provide sufficient capacity to accommodate the expected future growth of our business to business and business to consumer customers.”