DHL Express opens new facility in Singapore

DHL Express has announced the opening of a new facility in Singapore that will combine a range of global operations activities in its South Asian trade hub. DHL plans to operate the facility as a centre of excellence for global service quality and business IT activities. As such the facility will host a new global Quality Control Centre.

“Quality is one of the main sources of differentiation in our highly competitive industry, and our Quality Control Centres are a major investment by DHL in ensuring that we continue to lead the international time definite delivery market over the long-term,” said Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express.

“Singapore has been a central part of the DHL Express growth story in Asia Pacific, and investments such as our current €85m commitment to build a new hub at Changi International Airport are testament to the importance of the market to our overall network,” said Jerry Hsu, CEO of DHL Express Asia Pacific.

The global service quality team at DHL is responsible for setting and driving quality standards within the DHL global network. They aim to enhance customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. They provide real-time tracking capabilities for individual shipments, flights and truck movements. The teams operating in the centres monitor the status of DHL’s delivery network to identify exceptional incidents and delays and take proactive action both to address them and to inform customers.