GLP Leases 143,000 sq m in Greater Tokyo

GLP has signed five new lease agreements totalling 143,000 sq m in Greater Tokyo. Four of the leases are new customer relationships for GLP.

Agreement one is with a global e-commerce company which has leases 60,000 sq m at GLP Ichikawa. A second agreement is with a third-party logistics provider which has leased 24,000 sq m at GLP Zama. The third agreement is with an electronics retailer which has leased 23,000 sq m at GLP Shinsuna. The fourth agreement is with an international retailer which has leased 20,000 sq m at GLP-MFLP Ichikawa Shiohama. The final agreement announced was with a Japanese supermarket chain which has leased 16,000 sq m at GLP Akishima.

Yoshiyuki Chose, President of GLP Japan, said, “We are delighted to sing these new lease agreements. Domestic consumption is strong and we continue to see demand for our modern logistics facilities as companies seek to consolidate their operations to achieve greater efficiency and lower operations costs. We look forward to supporting our customers as they continue to grow in Japan.”