Yusen Logistics invests in dangerous goods storage operation in Germany

Yusen Logistics Has announced the launch of a new operation for the storage and distribution of dangerous goods at its Duisburg facility in Germany.

Since the investment, the site is equipped to carry out warehousing, trans-shipping and picking operations for dangerous goods. Investing nearly two million Euros, the launch is part of an extensive expansion for Yusen, adding to its services in the storage of dangerous goods.

Mario Cavallucci, MD of Yusen Logistics Germany, said, “The launch of this new operation represents a key milestone for Yusen Logistics. It responds to the growing demand for dangerous goods logistics and is an integral part of our future strategy. Through this opening, Yusen aims to ensure that its customers receive the highest quality of service in the dangerous goods sector.”

The new dangerous goods warehouse has a total capacity of 10,000 sq m which includes euro pallet storage locations and an industry-standard trans-shipment and disposal area.

The site is fitted with a gas-warning automatic air ventilation system and features three fire zones, each with fire extinguishing equipment and fire protection alarm systems. The largest of the three fire zones is safeguarded by a rack sprinkler system with a foam additive. The remaining two fire zones are each rigged with a unique location based light-foam-extinguishing system.

The facility is fully bonded as is licensed for water pollution grades 1 to 3. Dangerous goods approved for storage at the site include Warehouse Storage Classification 2B, 3, 4.1B, 5.1B, 6.1C, 6.1D, 8A, 8B, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Goods currently stored at the facility include dispersants, resins, inks, compressed gas packs, motor oils and similar “off-the-shelf” goods.