DHL tests Postbus for parcel courier service

Deutsche Post DHL Group has announced it is currently testing a new same-day delivery service, Postbus Courier, via its existing long-distance bus network between the cities of Berlin and Hamburg.

The new service is expected to available for both private users as well as smaller business customers. According to the announcement, Postbus is the first long-distance bus travel provider in Germany that also offers parcel transport in addition to its passenger service.

Achim Dünnwald, CEO of Mail Communication at Deutsche Post and designated head of DHL Parcel said, “Postbus Courier is a new same-day delivery option that gives our customers another choice, using our intercity bus network for shipping particularly urgent items. Berlin and Hamburg are the first cities offering the new service but we are currently considering others for next year”.

The Postbus Courier service is planned to be simple with customers first printing out the shipping documents they filled out onscreen and then taking them together with their parcel(s) to the Postbus Courier service point at the main omnibus station in Berlin or Hamburg. There, they are expected to hand over their parcels to the service staff member, who should then place the item in a bag, seal it and stow the bag securely in the Postbus. These latter steps are provided in an effort to protect the parcels from damage and theft during transport. Recipients are then expected to personally pick up items on the same day at the arrival destination or have third-persons collect the items after proving their legitimacy through appropriate identification.

During its introductory phase, the Postbus Courier service will cost 20 EUR and must be paid for in cash at the parcel drop-off location at the service point.

Same-day parcel transport using Postbus Courier is due to be offered once per day, Monday to Friday, and cost €20 during the introductory phase.