UPS awarded 3 new certifications by Taipei Customs Offices

UPS announced that the Taipei Customs Offices has granted three new Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certifications to UPS for its airline, ground transportation, and brokerage operations in Taiwan. This is in addition to their approval to renew the five existing AEO certifications that were granted to UPS in 2012 for its warehousing and forwarding operations. 

According to the announcement, the AEO certifications are provided in accordance with implementation of proper security and operational measures to secure the supply chain,  allowing UPS shipments to go through customs clearance procedures  with minimal documentation and inspection requirements.  

Wayne Pi, Managing Director of UPS Taiwan said, “With global commerce becoming increasingly demanding, having the ability to have goods shipped and cleared in the most efficient way possible is now a major competitive advantage,” adding, “With the new certifications from the Taipei Customs Office, I’m pleased to say that UPS is now able to provide our customers with faster customs processing, allowing Taiwanese businesses to export and import internationally shipped goods with greater efficiency.”