Gebruder Weiss agrees deal with Lithuanian Railways

Gebruder Weiss has announced the company is set to expand its service portfolio on the Bosphorus by adding the ability for freight transports between Turkey and the Baltic Sea to also be transferred to the railway network. The basis for this new service is a cooperation agreement with the national, state-owned Lithuanian Railways. As a result, Gebrüder Weiss is expected to offer a multimodal transport alternative between Istanbul, Ukraine and the Baltic states with an expected journey time of eleven days. The entire rail route is 1,734km long and runs along central traffic hubs in Southeastern and Eastern Europe.
The goods are expected to first be loaded as sea freight in Istanbul. At the Black Sea port of Odessa, Ukraine the cargo is due to be transferred to rail and from there transported via Ukrainian cities of Kiev, Minsk and Vilnius to Klaipėda in Lithuania. The last mile is then to be covered by truck.

Vojislav Jevtic, Regional Manager, Air & Sea Asia at Gebrüder Weiss said of the announcement, “This means that we have not only created a good route between the Bosphorus and the Baltic Sea, but can also offer our customers a good service to all the countries in-between.” The route is expected to be offered in both directions, for exports and imports. Lithuanian Railways has been transporting goods on this route since 2003 – above all for shippers of white and brown goods.