Aeroporti di Roma chooses XPO Logistics for Fiumicino

XPO Logistics has launched a contract logistics service in partnership with Aeroporti di Roma (ADR), which manages the Roma Fiumicino and Ciampino airport system. The two companies have launched the logistics operation in Italy which is capable of managing the flow of goods as one process; consolidating inbound stock, sorting, warehousing, picking and delivering to retail stores within the airport terminals.

This project, which was tested by XPO Logistics in the UK airports of Manchester and London Stansted, is in its start-up phase in Fiumicino. It is designed to simplify the management of logistics and reduce congestion within the airport areas, while maintaining security standards.

XPO Logistics has established a central warehouse at the airport that serves as a consolidation centre and accommodates storage at different temperatures. Goods are screened in compliance with security regulations before being sorted for storage. XPO Logistics vehicles transport the goods from the warehouse to nine terminal access points where XPO Logistics personnel deliver the merchandise directly to stores within the terminals. An identical process is deployed in reverse order, should stores need to return merchandise to the warehouse.

There are 27 XPO Logistics employees working in the airport area, including office staff, warehousing staff and drivers. This team services over 150 stores located in the airport, utilising software developed by XPO Logistics specifically for this purpose. They manage the flows of goods including food and beverage items, personal care products, toys, fashion, newspapers, electronics and more.

“We embraced the challenge and successfully developed an innovative process customized for the Italian airport system,” stated Ube Gaspari, Managing Director–Supply Chain of XPO Logistics in Italy. “Rome’s Fiumicino airport was an important demonstration of our expertise in last mile logistics, where it is critical to protect each retailer’s brand by ensuring that consumers receive merchandise in good condition. In these first few months of activity, we have already tripled the number of stores that have chosen XPO Logistics as their sole logistics provider.” 

Source: XPO Logistics