Americold adds facility in Utah

Americold has officially opened a new addition to its Clearfield, Utah campus. The new building adds more than 9.5 million cuc ft of temperature-controlled warehouse space, bringing the total capacity of the campus to nearly 21 million cubic ft. Americold now claims to have over 50% of the markets temperature-controlled warehousing capacity in Northern Utah.

The new facility features technologies that eradicate the need for a large engine room and on-site ammonia storage, but still offers customers adjustable temperature zones down to -20°F along with refrigerated docks.

The Clearfield Campus is Americold’s gateway for distribution to the US West Coast. The operation is one of five designated National Consolidation Centers that form Americold’s coast-to-coast distribution network. Customers can deliver to any of Americold’s National Consolidation Center gateways, consolidate less-than-truckload volumes with other products for the same destinations, and benefit from scheduled deliveries to almost every food service provider and food retailer in the country.

Source: Americold