Aramex appoints new liquidity provider


Aramex has announced that it has appointed Arqaam Securities LLC, a leading regional financial institution regulated by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) of the UAE, as Liquidity Provider for its shares listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM).

Under the terms of the one-year agreement, Arqaam Securities will begin trading Aramex shares independently, by entering two-way daily quotes into the market trading system within the defined parameters of the mandate, and in compliance with the regulations and controls set by Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and SCA. Arqaam Securities’ ownership of the company shares shall not exceed, at any time, 5% (five percent) of the total number of the Company’s listed shares. All regulatory approvals have been secured.

The decision to appoint a licensed liquidity provider as approved by the Board on December 8, 2023, aims to enhance market liquidity for market participants and to reduce the spread between the bid and ask prices. By engaging a top licensed financial institution to provide liquidity services, Aramex demonstrates its dedication to facilitating smoother trading experiences for investors while reinforcing its position as a responsible and responsive participant in the DFM. The company shares have 50% free float and are 100% open to foreign investment. Aramex has two strategic shareholders, with Geopost owning 28% and Abu Dhabi Ports owning 22% of the Company’s shares.

Nicolas Sibuet, Chief Financial Officer, Aramex, said: “At Aramex, we are committed to exploring avenues that drive shareholder value, enabling greater flexibility and adaptability in navigating dynamic market conditions, while continuously striving for sustainable, long-term value creation for our shareholders.”

Veselin Tilev, Head of Market Making of Arqaam Securities, thanked the leadership team at Aramex for their trust and commented: “We are delighted to offer our liquidity provision services on the Dubai Financial Market to Aramex, further strengthening our commitment to fostering liquidity and promoting efficient trading in the region. With our extensive expertise and comprehensive understanding of the local market, we are confident that Arqaam Securities will provide a valuable contribution and facilitate efficient trading activity on the shares of Aramex in the DFM.”

Source: Aramex