Arcese and Grimaldi develop intermodal transport in the Mediterranean

European logistics providers, Grimaldi Group and Arcese, have reached an agreement to connecting Arcese’s road and railway network with Grimaldi’s short sea network. This agreement links the Italian, Spanish, and Greek markets with Central and Northern Europe through intermodal solutions. The collaboration also includes Arcese Group’s acquisition of Sarlog, a company specialising in intermodal transport between Italy and Spain.

Marco Manfredini, Head of Arcese’s FTL Division stated, “When it comes to transport solutions, an increasingly larger number of clients require reliability, flexibility, and sustainability. These aspects, together with the complexity of modern supply chains launch important logistic challenges in terms of transit time and level of the service provided. A multimodal solution is intrinsically more solid and flexible than a uniomodal one, and, of course, more environmentally sustainable too.”

The companies stated that future pan-European agreements should be expected, as Arcese commits to developing intermodal transport in order to reduce CO2 emissions and make transport activities more sustainable.

Source: Arcese Group