Arvato managing EMEA warehousing and distribution for ECOVACS Robotics

Arvato SCM Solutions has announced the award of a contract to manage the EMEA logistics operation of ECOVACS Robotics, a global leading manufacturer of home robotic appliances.

Arvato has been responsible for the warehousing and distribution processes of robots and accessories for the EMEA region since the beginning of March, operating out of its 75,000 sq m logistics facility in Dueren, Germany. Arvato is distributing to business customers, distributors and consumers across EMEA.

The LSP asserts that an essential part of the operation is its new transport management system, which allows all inbound and outbound shipments to be managed and billed carrier-neutrally.

In the European market for home robotic appliances, ECOVACS currently ranks second in terms of market share. In its home market of China and the Asia Pacific region in general, ECOVACS is the market leader.

“We started with several central European countries as well as some third-party countries like Switzerland and Ukraine,” stated Dennis Schmitz, Director Account Management Hightech & Entertainment at Arvato SCM Solutions.

Around 300,000 floor and window cleaning robots should be shipped in the first year of the contract.

Source: Arvato