Arvato wins Imperial Tobacco Japan as new customer

Arvato has announced it has won Imperial Tobacco Japan (ITJ) as a new customer and is managing the warehousing and e-commerce distribution of their myblu brand, launched this year on the Japanese market. The new brand and products, especially nicotine free kits and flavoured liquid pods, have reportedly created strong demand in Japan, allowing Arvato to ship more than 10,000 kits in the first introduction weeks.

For ITJ, Arvato in Japan manages all warehousing processes such as inbound receiving, storage, pick-to-order, transportation management and final distribution to both end-customers and business locations. Arvato uses a SAP based warehouse-management-system for order processing and reporting.

Kenta Asari, Site Manager Japan at Arvato SCM Solutions, highlighted that “The team focuses on fast turnaround times to ensure that the end customers can receive their products the next day.”

Arvato also provides ITJ with its domestic Japanese transportation management service. The fully integrated solution is rounded up by managing the procurement of consumables, returns processing including product repacking as well as value added services.

Source: Arvato