Australia Post forms strategic alliance with Aramex

Australia Post and Aramex announced that they have agreed to form a strategic e-commerce alliance that is designed to open emerging world markets to Australian businesses and online shoppers.

Under the terms of the agreement, Australia Post and Aramex will enter into an Asian-based joint venture, targeting the global e-commerce market with a particular focus on Asia.

The joint venture is expected to build on the service capability of StarTrack International and Aramex’s global express delivery network. Aramex will invest in StarTrack International and contribute marketing and sales capability.

Australia Post has entered into the arrangement to help it grow in the Australian e-commerce market and capture more inbound e-commerce parcel volumes. The company also intends to provide a stronger platform for outbound growth for Australian small businesses through the partnership. Finally, Australia Post’s StarTrack Courier business intends to extend its capability by acquiring Mail Call from Aramex.

Australia Post will provide last mile delivery services in Australia for parcel volumes generated by the joint venture.

The alliance is expected to help Australian businesses and consumers to take advantage of the dramatic growth in cross-border e-commerce and the rising Asian economy. The company states that the deal is a response high rate of growth in cross-border parcel volumes against slowing domestic parcel growth.