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Recent briefs by John:

Improved logistics links crucial to Caribbean economic growth, UN conference hears

John Manners-Bell, Chief Executive of Ti Insight and Founder of the Foundation for Future Supply Chain, recently spoke and moderated a panel at the United Nations Global Supply Chain Forum in Barbados. One of the aims of the conference was to identify action-oriented recommendations, setting out how stakeholders and policy makers from transport and trade could better understand the evolving trading and shipping landscape, address the underlying challenges and leverage the associated opportunities.

Ecommerce air cargo lifeline under threat

Ecommerce volumes have become critical to the success of the international air cargo sector in the past few years. However, there is a real threat that laws being proposed by US lawmakers – with backing from right across the political spectrum – will undermine the growth of the industry.

New European supply chain law enforces ethics and sustainability

The European Union’s attempt to force companies to adopt more stringent ethical and environmental due diligence in their supply chains looks as if it will finally be successful. After years of debate and negotiation, the EU Council voted to adopt the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CS3D) on March 15 2024. Members will now have two years in which to transpose the law into national legislation.

Trump threatens total trade war

With just months before the US presidential election, Donald Trump, the likely Republican candidate, has doubled down on his controversial trade policies. In an interview with business channel, CNBC, he re-committed to the imposition of severe tariffs on imports in order, as he sees it, to create a fairer balance for American businesses and consumers.

AI in the supply chain is ‘not just hype’

Ti’s Chief Executive and Founder of the Foundation for Future Supply Chain, Professor John Manners-Bell, recently moderated a panel on Artificial Intelligence at the Kuehne + Logistics 1st Supply Chain Orchestration Summit in conjunction with Capgemini in Brussels, Belgium.

US ban on personal data transfer will impact supply chains

President Biden has issued an Executive Order which will limit the transfer of personal data to certain countries on the grounds of security. Although the order makes it clear that international trade should not be affected, there will inevitably be indirect repercussions for global businesses, technology companies and consumers.