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Prof John Manners-Bell is Chief Executive of Ti, Honorary Visiting Professor at the London Metropolitan University’s Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law and an adviser to the World Economic Forum. He has over 25 years’ experience working in and analysing the global logistics sector. John started his working life as an operations manager of a logistics company based in the UK. Prior to establishing Ti in 2002, he worked as an analyst in consultancies specialising in international trade, transport and logistics. He also spent a number of years as a manager of UPS, in a strategic marketing and communications role. John holds an MSc in Transport Planning and Management from University of Westminster and is an Associate of King’s College London where he studied Classics and Theology. He is a Fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and former Chair of the Supply Chain and Logistics Global Advisory Council of the World Economic Forum.  He has also advised the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy and Transport. He has written three books on the industry – ‘Global Logistics Strategies: Delivering the Goods’, ‘Supply Chain Risk: Understanding Emerging Threats to Global Supply Chains’ and ‘Logistics and Supply Chains in Emerging Markets’. His second book, ‘Supply Chain Risk’ won the Mention Speciale ACA-Bruel Prize for supply chain literature in 2014.


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