Bolloré Logistics Commissions a New EV for Brisbane

Bolloré Logistics Australia has announced the arrival of its new electric vehicle (EV) in Brisbane. This vehicle demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development and highlights its dedication to offer eco-friendly solutions to its customers.

Designated primarily for last-mile deliveries in the luxury, healthcare, and aerospace sectors, the new EV in Brisbane aligns with the company’s global CSR program, “Powering Sustainable Logistics”. One of its objectives is “Providing its customers with sustainable supply chain solutions”, which includes reducing the company’s environmental footprint and preserving biodiversity.

Paul Roe, Bolloré Logistics Queensland Branch Manager, said, “Our company is once again demonstrating its commitment to reducing emissions with the latest addition to the fleet. The 100% battery-electric Ford E-Transit delivery van will serve our Queensland customers, primarily in the luxury, healthcare and aerospace markets.”

The company is committed to investing to open up new perspectives in sustainable logistics without compromising on quality of service. The deployment of this new service will enable Bolloré to contribute to the decarbonization of road freight.

Source: Bolloré Logistics