Bolloré Logistics’ energy project in the UAE

Bolloré Transport & Logistics and supply chain services company Czarnikow are collaborating to support Bolloré’s sustainable development in East Africa through the VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme.

The Bolloré Logistics teams in the United Arab Emirates recently carried out the transport of deaerators in connection with the Jafurah cogeneration project, led by the largest electricity utility in South Korea, in collaboration with an oil and gas company from Saudi Arabia.

This landmark achievement required the meticulous coordination of the road transport of two deaerators, from Dubai to Jafurah, Saudi Arabia, each measuring 18 x 5 x 5 meters and weighing 52.5 tons.

“Despite numerous challenges, including managing complex border regulations and transporting oversized cargo, our team rose to the occasion, leveraging their expertise and commitment to ensure the smooth movement of these critical components. Our strategic partnership with specialist suppliers equipped with hydraulic and modular trailers was central to the success of this operation, allowing us to overcome logistical obstacles and deliver the degassers to their destination safely.

The Jafurah cogeneration project is of immense importance in the field of energy infrastructure, and we are proud to have played a crucial role in its progress.”

Source: Bolloré Logistics