Bolloré Logistics India Adds Two New Electric Trucks to Its Fleet

In line with the objective of reducing carbon emissions linked to scope 3 (transport), Bolloré Logistics India has added 2 new electric vehicles to its fleet in Mumbai & Bangalore. The first having been rolled out in the Delhi NCR region in May 2023.

Ideal for intra-city pick-ups & deliveries, these vans eliminate the use of more than 3,500 liters of diesel. These are primarily used to deliver goods to highly environment sensitive customers, but also to provide an eco-friendly transportation option to all other Bolloré Logistics customers in India. By increasing its fleet of low emission vehicles, Bolloré Logistics India is demonstrating its commitment to reducing its environmental impact and supporting India’s transition to a more sustainable economy.

India is one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases, and the transportation sector is a major contributor to these emissions. Electric trucks therefore offer a promising solution to meet this challenge.

Indeed, Electric trucks helps to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A study by the International Council on Clean Transportation found that battery electric trucks emit 63% less greenhouse gas emissions than diesel trucks and 17% less greenhouse gas emissions than CNG trucks.

In addition to environmental benefits, electric trucks are a source of savings for businesses. The cost of electricity is generally lower in India than the cost of diesel and CNG fuel, and electric trucks require less maintenance. A study by the NITI Aayog found that electric trucks can save businesses up to Rs. 1 crore over the lifetime of the vehicle.

So far, these electric trucks have travelled over 10,000 km across Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore saving 8.30 MT in green-house gas emissions. CNG trucks deployed have already covered more than 138,500 km reducing emissions by 27.03 MT since they were deployed.

Source: Bolloré Logistics