Bolloré Logistics joins the Shippers’ Coalition for Low Carbon Maritime Transport

Bolloré Transport & Logistics and supply chain services company Czarnikow are collaborating to support Bolloré’s sustainable development in East Africa through the VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme.

Bolloré Logistics announced that it joined the Shippers’ Coalition for Low Carbon Maritime Transport last July. This association represents shippers whose goal is to encourage the industrial use of alternative propulsion solutions, such as wind-assisted propulsion (aerodynamic force exerted by the wind on a sail).

Through this membership, Bolloré Logistics is supporting solutions that use wind-assisted propulsion, drastically reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, the company is expanding its range of services after the launch of SEAalternative in 2021 to promote a sustainable supply chain.

“Bolloré Logistics is a leader in global maritime transport. That is why it is essential that we play an active role in decarbonising maritime freight transport. Maritime transport of goods accounted for 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 and is set to reach 10% by 2050. By joining this association, we want to be proactive and to head in this direction for the long term”, said Irwin Lefebvre, Bolloré Logistics’ Ocean Procurement Director.

The Coalition called for tenders in early February 2022 to operate transatlantic routes between Europe and North America using essentially wind-powered container ships. They will begin in 2024 with the aim to cut CO2 emissions in half compared to conventional shipping.

In 2018, Bolloré Logistics launched its CSR programme “Powering Sustainable Logistics”, intending to reduce its scope 3 CO2 emissions generated by the execution of transport by 30% by 2030 compared to 2019. The company aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions linked to its activities and to support its customers towards carbon neutrality in its supply chain.

Source: Bolloré Group