Bollore Logistics Transports a Drilling Rig from Argentina to Mongolia

Bolloré Logistics Chile successfully conducted a complex logistics operation by transporting a mobile drilling rig of 650 cubic metres, consisting of five parts, weighing 118 tonnes. This operation, which took place on August 25, 2023, involved a journey from Argentina passing through Chile, China, and then Mongolia.

The dimensions and weight of the mobile drilling rig presented a significant challenge for the team responsible for its transport. Meticulous coordination and collaboration between the offices in Argentina, Chile, Canada, and China were essential to guarantee the success of this operation. A door-to-door solution was provided, ensuring that the mobile drilling rig arrived at its destination without any disruptions or complications at any point of the journey.

To carry out this logistical feat, the pieces of the mobile drilling rig were mounted on special trailers that allowed them to be transported through Chile by road. The machine was then carried by sea from Lirquen to Qingdao in China before being transported via 4 trucks to its final destination in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

In addition, the port machinery storage service was employed as part of the operation to keep the rig safe and protected throughout the process. This additional measure guaranteed that the pieces were secure and remained intact until the final handover.

Jorge Anacona, Managing Director, Bolloré Logistics Chile, said: “This project is a prime example of our industry’s capability to overcome extraordinary logistical challenges. We want to thank our teams of experts and our offices in Argentina, Chile, Canada, and China for their dedication and hard work in successfully carrying out this relocation. Our capability to provide door-to-door solutions shows our expertise in managing large-scale logistics projects.”

Source: Bolloré Logistics