Bolloré Logistics unveils Blue Hub

Bolloré Transport & Logistics and supply chain services company Czarnikow are collaborating to support Bolloré’s sustainable development in East Africa through the VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme.

Bolloré Logistics is unveiling Blue Hub, a new site in western Singapore. The 50,000 m sq warehouse is fully automated with a view to supporting the growth of customers in the perfumes and cosmetics sector. The company has invested S$100m (€65m) to equip Blue Hub with fully integrated automation solutions.

The Blue Hub site features an automated multi-shuttle system for optimizing storage density while ensuring optimal inventory rotation. It is also equipped with a 43 m tall Spiralveyor conveyor with high energy efficiency, generating energy savings of up to 87% and thus reducing costs.

Blue Hub will also be home to B.Lab, the second integrated innovation centre which serves as a regional platform for interdisciplinary cooperation and research. B.Lab will work with local universities to train young students on creative thinking and the creation of logistics solutions, with the aim of developing value-creating solutions using robotics, digital, and sustainable technologies.

Certified as the first BiodiverCity project in Asia, Blue Hub sets a new benchmark on warehouse design with a strong focus on sustainability and employee-centricity. Blue Hub is equipped with an advanced energy-management system, which harnesses the Internet of Things to make predictive building analyses, and a smart lighting control system. Further initiatives include a storm-water recycling system, energy and water consumption monitoring, a photocell sensor for harvesting daylight, a food digester for a zero-waste cafeteria, and chemical-free landscape management.

Source: Bolloré Logistics