Bolloré Logistics launches new rail solution from South East Asia to Europe

Bolloré Logistics

Bolloré has announced a new rail route between Europe and Hanoi.

The new service will offer customers an alternative to existing sea freight transport. With the rail service connecting Asia to Europe, it should allow improved reliability and transit times compared to existing sea freight lead times.

For customers in Danang and Ho Chi Minh looking to move their cargo to Hanoi, it is also able to provide quotations for trucking services.

There will be a weekly train departure, with each train taking 30-35 days in transit, terminal to terminal. The terminus is Hanoi, Vietnam and goes to and from a variety of stations across Europe, including Hamburg, Warsaw, Helsinki and Milan. Each route goes via Zhengzhou in eastern China, allowing for the movement to other parts of Asia and access to the Far East.

Customs clearance and handling works will all be handled by Bolloré, with cancellation free of charge if 7 days before departure.


Source: Bolloré Logistics