bpost launches collaborative platform app for transporting goods


The Belgian post office, bpost has launched a collaborative platform app, bringr, that allows smartphone users to find a driver for delivering goods

The new app is one of many solutions bpost has introduced to suit the evolving needs of the parcels market. bpost already offers flexible solutions, including door-to-door next-day delivery, pick-up in post offices, post points or parcel lockers, sustainable urban distribution through Citydepot.

bringr is expected to complement bpost’s existing product range with a service that enables users to find a driver to pick up goods at point A and deliver them to point B. However, those people who offer their services through the app have no contractual links with bpost. bpost’s role is to facilitate this collaborative platform.

The pilot project is being introduced in Antwerp and, if successful will be rolled out to additional cities

Koen Van Gerven, bpost’s CEO, said, “The digitization of our world represents threats but offers opportunities at the same time. We don’t have to fear digitization but embrace it and use it to make bpost a stronger company. This is what innovation is about and bringr is a good example of this.”

Source: bpost