Is there really a market for goods ‘Made in the USA’?

An increasing amount of American manufacturers and retailers are coming together to support ‘American made’ goods. While the labels on these products promote ‘Made in the USA’ loud and proud, when it comes down to it, is there really a market for these goods? And, more importantly, is it sustainable?

Truth be told, according to a study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), not only do American consumers prefer products made in the US, but Chinese consumers also prefer the same. The study stated that “More than 80% of US consumers and more than 60% of Chinese consumers are willing to pay more for products labeled ‘Made in the USA’ than those labeled ‘Made in China.'” For many consumers from around the world, American-made products are typically associated with a high standard of quality.

Zepol’s data supports BCG’s study in regards to higher demand from China for American-made products. In 2012, for example, US exports to China rose by 6.5% from 2011, with the total amount of goods reaching over $110bn. In addition, US exports headed to China have increased for the past three consecutive years. So, just when you think consumers aren’t willing to shell out some extra dough for quality products… think again!

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