The impact of robotics and automation on logistics

Ti’s John Manners-Bell and Ken Lyon of Virtual Partners have collaborated to produce an exclusive whitepaper on the topic of developments and advances in technology and their effect on the logistics industry.

‘The impact of robotics and automation on logistics’ focusses on the impact of automation and robotics on global supply chains from both economical and ethical stand points, by examining the potential benefits and detriments of technological developments.

By utilising examples of robotics in practise in the industry, the article highlights a series of vocations for which automation has proven outstanding; precision and repetitive ‘pick and pack’ tasks being the most common example. It also explores developments  that are emerging in the industry including driverless convoys in Japan and automated mining trucks in Australia.

In contrast, the authors also focus on the possible consequences of these developments on the human element of the logistics industry.  By raising stark comparisons to historical revolutions, the article offers a balance of optimism and realism.

As well as delving into the technology of robotics, the article revisits 3D printing as an aspect of logistics and explores its expanding presence of in various industries including the aerospace, automotive, high tech and industrial industries to name but a few. The whitepaper identifies a variety of uses for the technology currently in use by logistics providers and also anticipates what could happen in the future.

This whitepaper is available for you to immediately download free of charge here.