The Ti Blog: Day two of Ti’s Future of Logistics conference

On Wednesday 8 June 2016, Ti hosted the second day of its Future of Logistics conference at the Intercontinental Hotel in London. As a relatively new addition to the Ti team, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. However, it proved to be extremely insightful for both myself, as well as for all of those who were present I’m sure, demonstrating that there really is more to think about with logistics than just “trucks and sheds”, as one of the speakers so eloquently put it.

Wednesday’s sessions kicked off with the Logistics Innovation Showcase, presented by panellists from Freightos, Xeneta, and Bringg. The common theme across all three of the tech platforms was their focus on user visibility and increasing transparency within a supply chain.

The second session on terrorism, criminality and supply chain risk, provided an extremely interesting analysis on supply chain risk in general, with each of the speakers offering their own wisdom and commentary on the problem that such risks pose to a logistics operation. Some of the key points of the session included:

  • The need to map out and then mitigate risk through operational improvements
  • The need to constantly review risk in order to better understand how operations can be impacted by it
  • Avoiding unnecessary reputational risk
  • Despite systems standardisation, it is the people within a system that are different, and ultimately this can also pose a risk.

After lunch was the Kogan Page Masterclass, the structure of which involved three presentations that focused on industry disruptors, crisis management, and supply chain ethics with a round table debate focusing in more detail on supply chain ethics. Attendees were split into groups and tasked with discussing the disaster response to a scenario put forward by Ti’s CEO, John Manners-Bell. Interestingly, each group reached the exact same conclusion independently of one another, choosing ethics over profits, and ultimately proving that those who work in logistics are just a jolly nice bunch!

Things were rounded off by a few more words from John Manners-Bell, and also from Ti’s MD, Sarah Smith, thanking sponsors, media partners, speakers and attendees. And on that note, a successful second day came to a close.

Over the next few days, my colleagues and I will be publishing our findings from each of the sessions of the conference and sharing this with you via Twitter and our free Logistics Briefing service (sign up, here!). Ti’s Head of Research, Lilith Nagorski, has already published her analysis from the E-retail, Smart Transport and Last Mile Delivery session on day 1, and Analyst Alex Le Roy has published his findings from The Power of Disruptive Technology session, also from day 1. Sign up to Ti’s Logistics Briefing to receive articles on:

  • Urbanisation and City Logistics
  • Ethics & Sustainability
  • The Logistics Innovation Showcase
  • Terrorism, criminality and supply chain risk
  • The Kogan Page Masterclass.

For a roundup of the activity on day two of #TiLondon16, view our Storify thread here.

Source: Transport Intelligence, June 9, 2016

Author: Sam Sprigg