Hellmann accelerates its growth strategy

Despite the fact that the global freight forwarding market is volatile, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has had a very positive third quarter of 2023. The forwarder recently announced the establishment of a new national company in Ireland, as well as the opening of its first branch office at Dublin Airport. From this point forward, the global full-service provider will offer its entire product portfolio, ranging from air- and sea freight to overland transportation and customs clearance.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics’ growth strategy is increasingly focused on the Northern and Eastern European markets, which is why it has already established additional national subsidiaries in Switzerland, Slovakia, and, most recently, Italy. Hellmann’s entry into the Irish market is another critical step in its plan for expansion, as the market itself is critical to the development of the European and global economies. The forwarder believes that it is imperative to introduce and strategically expand the synergies between Ireland and the UK, where it has maintained a long-standing presence. Additionally, the emphasis is on the electronics sector as well as the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, which are both financially robust and time-critical.

Hellmann doesn’t stop there; in order to bolster its position in the Baltic market, it acquired the remaining minority shares of its partner companies in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. It has mainly concentrated on road transport of both full and partial loads in the Baltic region thus far, but it is anticipated to expand to other segments in the future. The forwarder also prioritizes reducing carbon emissions and is working to ensure that new regulations, which go into effect in 2024, are followed.

In an effort to streamline its supply chain and lower CO2 emissions in road transportation, it teamed up with German freight emissions-measuring specialist shipzero. The partnership is an extension of the companies’ April 2023 pilot project, in which shipzero collected data on Hellmann’s CO2 emissions. In order to guarantee that CO2 measurements are based on actual consumption rather than extrapolations and average values, which has been the market standard to date, Hellmann says the data management also incorporates primary data from external logistics partners. With the automotive sector accounting for the majority of its business, Hellmann offers services for six industry verticals.

Investing in technology is another avenue of growth that Hellmann explores. In November 2023, Hellmann announced a partnership with BlueBox Systems, a developer of intelligent air cargo tracking solutions. Hellmann will be using the air freight tracking solution BlueBox Air from BlueBox Systems for two years, offering it to its customers as “SmartAir!. The web-based tracking solution enables monitoring the whole air freight with just a few clicks.

The investments above should allow Hellmann to capitalise on growth opportunities within the industry.

Author: Shruti Sasidharan

Source: Ti Insights

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