Results of Freightos survey highlight questions over the future of freight

According to recently published research from Freightos, The Future of Freight 2016 Global Survey of Industry Leaders, key changes developing within the freight industry have had both positive and negative impacts on different parts of the industry. For this reason, the market faces an uncertain future. After surveying more than 90 senior logistics professionals, Freightos has highlighted three key impact trends within the market-

  • Eroding margins and commoditization of core logistics services
  • Customer expectations are higher and more volatile. They expect transparency, more frequent market-relevant pricing and enhanced supply chain IT support. Changing supply chain trends are primarily manifested in shorter contract length, increased spot quoting, and provider consolidation.
  • Emerging players like technology giants and carriers are looming threats for logistics providers.

The report also includes focus on key developments in the market such as the role of technology in freight, attitudes towards online sales platforms, Amazon’s role in logistics, changing freight profitability and more.

One key question considered by the report asks whether incumbents are willing to accept and integrate technology within their business models. As Ti’s CEO, John Manners-Bell, commented in the report, “Logistics companies are looking at the like of Amazon and Uber with trepidation. Parts of the logistics industry are inefficient and ripe for disruption. New technologies and business models are needed to transform global, regional and national trading networks.”

The report, published today and available as a free download here, not only highlights the problems currently facing the market but also highlights the apparent willingness held by senior industry officials to adapt, adopt new technologies and innovate to fit the evolving needs of the customer.

Ti are pleased to welcome Freightos as an innovation showcase exhibitor at the upcoming Future of Logistics Conference to be held in London 7th-8th June. Join key Freightos figures and the senior Ti management team to discuss this report as well as a number of other topics with significant implications for the logistics industry. Further information on the event and instructions on how to secure your place can be found via the Ti website: