Supply chain software is in the midst of a structural transformation

Ti is pleased to announce the launch of its new report, Trends in Logistics Technology 2017. This report reviews the trends in enterprise software and the associated implications for supply chain activities.

The report represents a consolidation of Ti’s long-term analysis over a wide body of research around the subject of technology in logistics, and provides an overview of current practices, emerging solutions, and how systems function in practice.

One of the report’s co-authors, Alexander Le Roy said: “Every company likes to talk about ‘innovation’, but such messages can often mask the genuine structural changes which are occurring throughout the market. It is those underlying shifts that we aim to disambiguate in this publication.”

The report covers the real-world implications of emerging technologies ranging from cloud computing to 3D printing, and evaluates the specific consequences for enterprise software vendors, logistics service providers, retailers and manufacturers.

It finds that, whilst technologies such as AI and blockchain hold incredible disruptive potential, relatively mundane obstacles exist which are currently limiting their impact. Similarly, bureaucratic, administrative and regulatory processes have a substantial role to play in the success or failure of such innovations.

To find out more about Trends in Logistics Technology 2017, or Ti’s technology capabilities and offering, visit the Ti website, or contact Ti’s Business Development Manager, Michael Clover.