Ti Blog: Ti CEO joins podcast to discusses future of logistics

Ti’s CEO, John Manners-Bell, was recently a guest on the Buyers Meeting Point podcast where he discussed a number of interesting topics.

During the podcast the discussion touched on a number of issues and developments which are having a significant impact across logistics and the supply chain. In specific, discussions included:

  • What we can surmise about Amazon’s forward looking strategy from the actions they are taking today
  • The broad approach to business- including customer satisfaction, big data and analytics that every company must engage in, whether it is their primary focus or not
  • The ‘fringe’ technologies of today and the commercial promise they offer for tomorrow: autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, drones and IoT.

You can listen to the podcast, in its entirety, be following the link provided below:










Ti will be covering a number of these topics in detail at the upcoming Future of Logistics conference in London, 7-8th June 2016. To find out more or to book your place please see the Ti website: https://ti-insight.com/conferences/london-2016/