C. H. Robinson delivers new sustainability solution

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C.H. Robinson has announced an expanded suite of solutions for shippers looking to reduce their emissions and build more efficient supply chains. Since 2023, shippers have leveraged Navisphere® Insight CO2e Emissions to establish a baseline of their emissions and identify opportunities for reductions across their ocean and air shipments. Now, C.H. Robinson’s new lane analysis features can also help shippers navigate the complex task of assessing cost to benefit ratios across multiple modes, giving shippers a clear view of cost implications.

Utilizing the data and lane analysis tool, shippers can select shipments or even parts of their shipment’s journey, and leverage data-driven insights to evaluate the potential emissions reduction benefits of their shipping choices in combination with budget and transit time. By taking into account both cost implications and emission reductions opportunities, the CO2e insights tool gives shippers a more comprehensive approach to addressing complex challenges such as cost-effectiveness of sustainability solutions and access to reliable data amid increasing corporate responsibility and a shifting regulatory environment.

“There are a lot of tools out there that can measure your carbon footprint. Navisphere Insight CO2e Emissions goes a step further by also answering ‘How does that impact my cost?’ and ‘How does it impact my transit time?’ all in one dashboard,” says Mike Short, President of Global Forwarding at C.H. Robinson. “It’s not always possible for companies to choose the most sustainable option every time due to costs or other challenges. Our emissions reporting and insights tool takes the guessing out and helps shippers make informed decisions.”

With the CO2e insights tool, shippers can access data on spend, transit time and emissions at a per kg level across different modes, making it easier to identify potential modal shifts across LCL, FCL, and air freight. Then, C.H. Robinson leverages its scale and global suite of services to enable that shipper in making a strategic decision that best fits their unique sustainability goals and supply chain needs. This can include a wide range of solutions, such as container optimization, direct routing for sea and air, consolidation, utilizing newer aircrafts, shifting from air to ocean, or leveraging alternative fuel or electronic vehicle options.

As regulations and stakeholder expectations increase, sustainability is no longer a ‘nice to have’—it’s a business necessity. A C.H. Robinson customer survey reveals that shippers are looking to make changes in their 2024 plans, with nearly half of global shippers saying that they’re adjusting their supply chain in 2024 to be more sustainable.

“As one of the world’s most connected logistics providers, we recognize the impact we can continue to make in helping advance sustainability solutions for global and domestic shipping,” says Rachel Schwalbach, Vice President of ESG at C.H. Robinson. “As I talk to shippers across industries, it’s clear they’re feeling the weight of responsibility to deliver on their sustainability aspirations which are continually being more and more woven into business objectives. It’s more important than ever for shippers to work with the right logistics partner and that’s where C.H. Robinson can be a difference-maker. As there is no turnkey or single solution that exists today, leveraging our sustainability tools and expertise across the entire supply chain, we’re helping companies weigh their options and make progress toward their goals.”

This tool enhancement is the latest announcement highlighting how C.H. Robinson delivers sustainable solutions for customers and carriers. Recently C.H. Robinson announced an expanded Alternative Fuel Program which aims to help our customers reduce their carbon emissions by using C.H. Robinson’s contract carrier network of green-fleet carriers or utilizing Book & Claim methodology. C.H. Robinson has also been recognized by multiple customers for helping them drive progress toward their climate goals, including Sonoco, which is one of the largest global packaging companies.

C.H. Robinson remains committed to advancing sustainability efforts that encourage industry-wide transformation. For example, C.H. Robinson provided support and expertise on an effort spearheaded by the World Economic Forum and Smart Freight Centre, to develop a book and claim chain of custody system. Because of this framework, more companies from all parts of the supply chain will now have further opportunities to access solutions to reduce their emissions that they may have otherwise been unable to.

Source: C.H. Robinson