C.H. Robinson reveals extent of freight forwarding expansion

C.H. Robinson has opened 15 new freight forwarding offices in total following moves in Asia, Canada, and its acquisition of APC Logistics.

Specifically, new office locations include include Hanoi, Vietnam; Chengdu, China; Nanning, China; Ludhiana, India; Indore, India; Vizag, India; and Vancouver, Canada. With the acquisition of APC Logistics, C.H. Robinson has added nine new office locations in Australia and New Zealand.

Shipments across all of the new offices, including offices acquired through the acquisition, will be integrated into C.H. Robinson’s proprietary technology platform, Navisphere. The company asserts that having every shipment available in a single instance, global platform from beginning to end provides shippers with better visibility and information regarding their shipments.

Source: C.H. Robinson