Cargolux seals partnership with Sonoco Thermosafe

Cargolux has announced that a partnership agreement has been signed with Sonoco ThermoSafe, a global provider of temperature assurance packaging, for the leasing of the PharmaPort 360 temperature-controlled bulk shipping container.

According to Cargolux the PharmaPort 360 containers are smart active containers and enable the provision of real-time, cloud-based data on payload and ambient temperature and key mechanical components, precisely synchronized with GPS location.

The use of these new containers is advantageous for Cargolux’s pharmaceutical handling. Franco Nanna, Cargolux’s Director Global Services said: “These containers go one step further in the secure and smooth transportation of sensitive commodities. Their cutting-edge features will strongly contribute to enhancing our service offering and confirm our position as leading airline for the transport of pharmaceuticals”.

Source: Cargolux