CEVA is in partnership with Project44 to boost Ocean Shipment Visibility

CEVA Logistics

Project44 will be integrated directly into CEVA’s all-in-one digital portal. The MyCEVA platform is designed to give customers greater control over their shipments—from instant quoting and booking to real-time tracking and documentation.

As a result of integrating project44’s ocean and port visibility solutions, CEVA will be able to provide greater accuracy and timeliness in the tracking process of ocean shipments.

With Automatic Identification System (AIS) vessel tracking, customers can closely monitor shipment location. When not at sea, shipment notifications and analytics will include other carrier milestones, transfers, dwell times, exception alerts, and management.

“Data is like gold in the shipping industry, and project44 will help us mine the value from the data, all for the benefit of our customers. To integrate leading visibility directly into our MyCEVA platform is just one more example of our commitment to Responsive Logistics. We understand what our customers want and need, and we deliver. This time around, it’s greater ocean shipment visibility, but there’s certainly more to come”, said Stephane Gautrais, Global Head of Ocean Freight, CEVA Logistics.

Source: CEVA Logistics