CEVA Logistics and Goodpack enter into strategic alliance


CEVA Logistics and Goodpack, a comapny with one of the largest fleet of Intermediate Bulk Containers, have agreed to enter into a strategic alliance to provide advanced solutions for the tyre industry. As part of this new alliance, the two companies have developed TYRECUBE, a returnable container for tyres with data acquisition and trace & trace capabilities. The new container is aimed at strengthening transportation and storage of tyres across Asia, North America, Europe and Australia.

TYRECUBE is patented collapsible and stackable container, providing a new method of moving tyres worldwide. Traditionally, the loose loading of tyres has been a labour-intensive and manual process with little visibility. TYRECUBE helps avoid loose loading and provides better protection for tyres. It is estimated that it works for approximately 90% of all tyre types.

Eric Grégoire, Goodpack’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “By bringing our core competencies together, we are proposing much-needed innovation for the tyre industry, enabling us to address some of its biggest issues, such as quality, traceability, workplace hygiene and ergonomics, and all at a lower cost.”

Source: CEVA Logistics