CEVA Logistics enters into a contract with Biesse

CEVA China

CEVA Logistics has secured a three-year contract to provide logistics services to Biesse, an international company that manufactures integrated lines and machines for processing wood, glass, stone, plastic, and composite materials. 

According to the recent agreement, CEVA Logistics will be responsible for Biesse’s warehousing and handling activities, particularly focusing on merchandise movement, unloading and picking activities, and stock management. CEVA Logistics was chosen by the client as it met Biesse’s two most important needs: firstly, the established expertise in handling heavy machinery. Biesse required a logistics warehouse equipped with overhead cranes, as its machinery – used for wood and glass cutting – ranges from 8 to 20 tons. 

Biesse’s second requirement related to the location of the storage warehouse: the company, a leader in the production of integrated lines and machines for processing wood, glass, stone, plastic, and composite materials, needed a warehouse located halfway between the port of Genoa (a crucial point for the arrival and departure of their machinery) and Pesaro (the company’s production site). The Sant’Ilario warehouse (in Reggio Emilia), where CEVA will manage the storage and movement of machinery, has an ideal location, halfway between Genoa (port) and Biesse’s production site in Pesaro, in addition to the presence of overhead cranes and eight loading and unloading docks. 

In particular, CEVA Logistics will ensure the storage of 120 machines per year (each occupying a space of 14 sq m) and approximately 1400 machines both incoming and outgoing. 

“The trust placed by Biesse in CEVA through this contract attests to our ability in the Contract Logistics sector, as well as our expertise in handling heavy goods,” stated Claudio Boschetti, Contract Logistics Product Head Italy. “We are excited to support Biesse over the next 3 years, during which we will continue to strive for continuous improvement and to offer our customers ever higher standards.” 

Source: CEVA Logistics