CEVA Logistics launches container with tracking capabilities to move tyres

CEVA Logistics and Goodpack – a company that operates a fleet of Intermediate Bulk Containers- have launched TYRECUBE. The product is a collapsible and stackable container to move tyres worldwide and it features track and trace capabilities.

Automotive companies were invited at Goodpack’s Innovation Lab in Singapore to inspect TYRECUBE’s capabilities in automation and digitalisation across the tyre supply chain. According to CEVA, TYRECUBE can help achieve reduced lead times, lower CO2 emissions and efficiency in plants and distribution centres thanks to its track and trace capabilities.

Madhubhaskar Thirkode, Director Global Tyre Sub-sector at CEVA Logistics, says: “The trend in the tyre industry is more and more towards automated systems. Digitalisation of the supply chain is the future and TYRECUBE initiatives are focused on addressing this fact. Warehousing and distribution solutions of the future have to be more efficient and help customers better sell their products. Such efficient distribution solutions are achieved with TYRECUBE which can be applied right from the production line all the way to the end customer.”

Source: CEVA Logistics