CEVA Logistics plans special transport for Ferrari


CEVA Logistics faced unforeseen challenges during a Grand Prix in the 2023 season, when the delivery of the pit wall, an essential component for Ferrari, was compromised.

The pit wall serves as the control tower from which Ferrari’s trackside engineering team, drivers, and Team Principal Frédéric Vasseur monitor on-track activities. Weighing 5,000 kg and comprising multiple advanced electronic screens and equipment, transporting the pit wall is no easy task. 

In response to the urgency, CEVA organized a special transport from Ferrari’s headquarters in Italy by chartering an aircraft specifically for this purpose, delivering the equipment to the circuit in under 24 hours. Thanks to exemplary collaboration and coordination with the Ferrari team, the equipment was seamlessly integrated, allowing the team to fully participate in the race.

Bahrain 2024: The approach to the first Grand Prix of the 2024 season presented another challenge, with disruptions in maritime traffic due to geopolitical tensions. This situation necessitated the establishment of a special task force to urgently and prioritarily manage the equipment destined for this opening GP. CEVA teams explored and proposed numerous alternative options to Ferrari: different maritime routes, potential transshipments, overland crossings, all with the complexity of meeting delivery timelines and budget before ultimately selecting air freight as the safest logistical solution.

The decision by CEVA and Ferrari to prioritize air transport showcases their ability to adapt quickly, organizing a special charter that maintained the integrity of the logistics chain for other GPs, although, like a domino effect, the transportation plan for different kits in subsequent GPs had to be adjusted.

Logistics is an ongoing challenge due to the complexity of situations. Continuously, CEVA demonstrates the importance of close collaboration with Ferrari, with a remarkable ability to anticipate challenges, adapt with agility, and maintain a level of performance that echoes the intensity and precision of Scuderia Ferrari’s pit stops in Formula 1.

Source: CEVA Logistics