CEVA Logistics renews partnership with Fincantieri in Italy


CEVA Logistics has extended its full-service contract in Italy with shipbuilder Fincantieri for an additional three years. CEVA will now provide a full warehouse management service for Fincantieri which it hopes will eliminate previous problems with multiple supplier deliveries to site and lack of traceability for materials being moved within Italy.

Trieste-based Fincantieri is one of the world’s top ten shipbuilders and builds both commercial and military vessels. The two companies began working together in 2005 and since 2015 CEVA has been responsible for moving components and parts used in shipbuilding to ten Fincantieri sites across Italy.

Emilio Baggio, Head of Sales for CEVA in Italy stated, “The growth and development of this contract with Fincantieri is testament to our team’s commitment to delivering high end value-added services with cutting edge solutions which allow the customer to modernize and change the way he operates. This partnership originated as a pilot project and has grown over the years into the full-service contract we see today”.

Source: CEVA