CEVA renews warehousing and distribution contract with UK Power Networks for five years

CEVA has signed a five-year renewal deal to manage the warehousing and distribution of UK Power Networks’ cabling, plant and associated materials.

CEVA initially picked up the contract in 2009. It was then extended to 2017, and now, following a full tender process, the company has won an expanded contract through to 2022.

UK Power Networks owns and maintains electricity lines and cables as well as maintaining and upgrading power equipment across its network which covers London, Eastern and South Eastern regions.

Under the terms of the deal, CEVA will distribute electrical cables and plant items such as pole mounts, transformers and packaged sub-stations. It will also be responsible for the disposal of dumb meters from both homes and businesses after recording details of each asset before it is sent for recycling. CEVA also manages UKPN’s flood defence system which can be deployed and erected at short notice to defend strategic locations. This will sit alongside the provision of a 24/7/365 response service to deliver materials direct to engineers in London within 60 minutes, and four hours for delivery of other materials anywhere across the three regions.

“A lot of what we move under this contract is non-standard so we will be deploying lorry loader cranes with highly trained drivers to ALLMI standards (Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers), to cope with the requirements” says CEVA’s Executive Vice President UK, Ireland and Nordics, Michael O’Donoghue. “We will also be initiating several new innovative proposals on UKPN’s behalf notably implementing Paragon software across the business to enable the team to maximize routes in order to maximize resources, reduce mileage and fuel consumption and positively impact on the contract’s carbon emissions”

CEVA will also provide full end-to-end track and trace functionality fully interfaced into UKPN’s SAP system to allow real-time updates to customers so they have visibility of the status of all orders and the location of inventory including all returnable packaging.

Source: CEVA