CEVA strengthens its partnership with Shelf Drilling


CEVA Logistics has announced it has extended its contract with Shelf Drilling until March 2021. The Dubai-headquartered shallow water drilling services specialist has been working with CEVA since its inception in 2012.

Shelf Drilling operates in four key regions – South East Asia, India, West Africa and MENAM (Middle East, North Africa and Mediterranean).

As part of Shelf Drilling’s supply chain CEVA provides logistics support to the customer’s hubs located in Houston, Aberdeen, Singapore and Dubai, where it facilitates exports and imports which feed a continuous flow of re-supplies and project cargo.

“We are delighted to have retained our business with Shelf Drilling for next two years which now covers a complete 3PL End to End solution,” said Marcelo Franceschetti, Executive Vice President, Global Energy Sector at CEVA Logistics.

Source: CEVA