CEVA takes over logistics operations of Mondadori Books and Retail in Italy

CEVA Logistics has been awarded a nine-year contract to manage the logistics operations of Mondadori Books and Mondadori Retail.

As a part of the deal, CEVA will also operate Mondadori’s 24,000 sq m warehouse facility in Verona and a 12,700 sq m warehouse facility in Rimini. The books business will continue to be managed through the Verona and Rimini facilities as well as CEVA’s specialist City of Books at Stradella (100,000 sq m).

CEVA has previously worked with Rizzoli Books, a division of Mondadori. 

The Executive Vice President of CEVA’s Italy cluster, Christophe Poitrineau, commented: “This is a major addition to our trail-blazing Italian business. We will be focusing on integrating all of Mondadori’s logistics into our innovative programs order to provide the fastest and most flexible service for its customers”.

Alberto Scagnetti, the company’s Managing Director of Contract Logistics for Italy, added: “We have initiated our zero-defect start-up process to ensure systems and processes are fully implemented from day one. We have developed a full suite of HR management functions to enable a fast induction for the new team members and at the same time we have been continuing with the IT integration program so that the whole Mondadori Group benefits from CEVA taking over the logistics operation”.

Source: CEVA