CEVA redesigns customs clearance procedures in Brazil

CEVA Logistics announced that it has redesigned its customs clearance procedures in Brazil to provide a more streamlined customer experience. The company states that a number of these procedures are unique to importing and exporting goods to and from Brazil.

“Our aim is to improve our own process so that we can further enhance our productivity and therefore make our customers’ supply chains more competitive. We have specific customs expertise in São Paulo and Campinas which allows us to focus on the technical and operational phases of the customs clearance process,” said Rubio Guimarães, CEVA’s Customs Clearance Director in Brazil.

CEVA states that the complex nature of Brazilian customs processes can lead to delays. The company claims that the main reason why goods get stuck at Brazilian customs is the lack of proper documentation that needs to be presented whenever goods need to be cleared.  Goods which do become stuck at Brazilian customs then have a maximum deadline to be cleared, otherwise the goods can be seized by the Federal Revenue and then auctioned or destroyed.

Source: CEVA Logistics